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 4.A Horrible Earthquake 

    Dirty water rose in wells and canals before the earthquakeBut no one judged that an earthquake was coming.Suddenlyverything shookIt seemed as if the world was at an endMillions of brick houses and a number of dams were destroyedRailway tracks became useless barsPipes in mines burst and let out smelly steamHuge cracks trapped cyclists everywhere.

    The next daythis event was the headline or main title of all newspapersWith the reporters giving an outline of the disasterthe whole nation was shocked by the damage and the victim' s extreme sufferingPeople were moved when they read that the survivors comforted each other by saying " Congratulations!You survived!" So they not only expressed their sympathy sincerelybut also organized together to help the victims right awayThe injured were rescued and the dead were buriedThe frightened survivors were dug out from under the ruins and were offered shelterfresh water and electricity.Thanks to people' s helphe loss was minimized






5.The Great President

As the founder of the republic,  the president had many good qualitiesBefore coming to power,  he was a generous lawyerHe was willing to selflessly help everyone who turned to himHe accepted no fee to offer legal guidance and opinions to those who were out of work or uneducatedLaterbelieving all mankind to be equalhe devoted himself to stopping the unfair anti-black lawsHe set up the Black Youth League and was voted to be the leaderHoweverthough he kept peaceful principles without violence and terrorhis mean enemies still blew up his house and attacked his relativesand he himself couldn'  t escape being sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Not fearing of the prison guards? Crueltyhe kept active and begged no mercy from themAs a matter of facthe was always hopeful and never lost heart during the stage even though he was in trouble.

Finallypeople rewarded him with the leader'  s position and a gold blanket







6.A Brave Maid

    A wooden vase from the Ming Dynasty at the entrance of the reception hall amazed everyoneThe artists designed it in a rare style and selected valuable jewels to decorate itPeople thought highly of its fancy colour of honey and the beautiful paintings on it.

    The vase used to belong to a former castleBut when the country was at warthe enemy troops exploded the castle.Debates on how the vase survived went on and onIn order to remove people s doubta team of no less than 20 people carried out an informal investigationThe evidences they found showed that a maid took the vase apart and asked a sailor to sink it in a local wellShe never gave away the secret even under the cruel trial of the enemies who were in search of treasures.

    It is worth giving this brave maid a fortune in return



  接待大厅入口处的明朝木制花瓶 使每个人都惊奇不已。艺术家以一种罕有的风格设计它,并挑选了贵重的珠宝装饰它。人们高度赞赏它那蜂蜜般的奇特颜色,还有上面绘制的绘画。





7.A Fair Compitition

    Swifter, Higher and Stronger stands for the spirit of the Olympics. But fairness is the basis of this motto. Only when you win fairly will you and your homeland deserve the great glory. But nowadays, unlike the ancient honest slave competitors, some hopeless athletes who can't bear the pain of training cheat when taking part in games. Medals seem to have magical power causing them to cheat, and the prize money has replaced the motto as their only goal.

    Soin the gymnastics event to be held in our city next monthone of the host' s responsibilities is to keep competitions fairThey advertised on posters outside the stadium to promise that every competitor is to have a regular physical examination in a gymnasium one after anotherNo one can bargain on thisThe volunteers in charge will be very strictIt is foolish to cheat because they will not be admitted to compete and will even be fined as well





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